& Focussing on nothing?

You know your business needs marketing to grow but your business needs you to be doing what you need best too!

You know in order to grow, get more clients and make more money, you need to work smarter. And we are equestrians and we need time to horse around don’t we?

There are so many Marketing activities you could be doing?  How do you decide which ones will work best for you?  Where should you focus and spend you precious time and what can you outsource.

Hi I am Jenni, the Equine Business and I am going to help your business grow online so you can spend more time offline!

Over the past 25 years I have been working with equestrian businesses, entrepreneurs, riding establishments, coaches and others to help them create an online presence.  

I have helped riders to get features and sponsors.  Companies to get products on front pages of magazines and designed and branded many businesses.

But when it comes to marketing businesses online I love to build relationships with people, I love to write copy that sells products, solves problems and is of value to readers. 

I love to be real and authentic in marketing and I am a facebook lives lover!

I work with you to discuss your marketing needs, whether it is establishing a simple social media strategy to product launches and landing pages. 

I am here for your business.

How I can help you for free!

Part of what I do is to give you tools you can use and do for yourself if you are not yet in a position to invest in your business.

I have free guides, courses and regularly sent tips and special offers to those on my list.

On Tuesdays I deliver tips via facebook and you can join my Network Group there too.

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