Behind the Brand

An interview with Alison Dadley-Webb, learning about her Business


I have been really privileged to work with Alison from Tail End Jewellery this year, I love learning from other business owners about their businesses and share what they do with the with the world.  

Alison shares some great tips and wisdom in her interview about how she markets her business and manages it.  

This post is for you if:

  • If you already have a business, to give you food for thought.
  • To inspire you; if you are thinking about making the leap into self employment
  • Or you are looking for a horse hair item from a trusted supplier.


If you have never heard about Alison or seen the wonderful horse hair jewellery she crafts, so that each piece is personal and unique to you and horse then you really need to read this to find out more and see what she does.




What is it you do Alison?

Horse Hair Pendant By Tail End Jewellery

My tag line sums it up “keep your horse close to you”  – I make jewellery from horses hair, each piece is bespoke. The hair is often from a horse they have sadly lost, one they have sold or one still they currently have.

The finished pieces enables them to have a little piece of their horse worn close to them all the time, helping keep that special bond and memories alive.

When did you start Tail End Jewellery?

I started the business over 18 years ago – wow time has flown by!


Horse Hair Heart Pendant From Tail End Jewellery

What made you start?

I had seen something similar when I was a pony mad teenager and I remember feeling that this was wonderful idea.

The thought of it stayed in my head through school, university and the various jobs I had upon graduating.

A brief period of redundancy saw me explore the idea more. I had always wanted to work for myself and a very small business evolved alongside the “proper job” I had landed. A few years down the line I decided to take the plunge and commit to building and running the business full time and I have never looked back since (or wanted to!).


What is your ethos, belief or mission behind Tail End Jewellery?

I firmly believe in treating people how I would want to be treated both in general life and business.

I always strive for good communication all the way through the processing of their order, transparency and understanding and compassion (necessary when they have just lost their horse and they are feeling raw).

I genuinely want to create something they will love and treasure for the rest of their lives and I feel very honoured and privileged to be entrusted with such a precious piece of their horse.

It often doesn’t feel like a job but a complete pleasure.

Hearing the Tale Behind the Jewellery story from a happy customer is wonderful too, to be able to put a picture and background about the piece of jewellery I made, is like finishing the jigsaw.

I genuinely cry at every sad one though, as I feel more connected to the owner and horse.

Where are you based?

I am based in Derbyshire.

Having moved late summer we are finally unpacked of sorts, Building work will commence in a few months and I can’t say I am looking forward to the dust, mess an upheaval but it will all be worth it in the end.


What 3 Tips would you give to others looking to start their own businesses?

  1. Go for it, you have nothing to lose. Don’t live with regrets and what ifs  
  2. Join as many small business groups as you can on social media and locally. The support you get from fellow small business owners is invaluable.
  3. Ask for help or seek help when you need it. I am the world’s worst at not delegating/letting go and trying to do everything myself. Having Jenni look after my emails has been a godsend and is one less thing to stress over. I can forget all about them knowing it is done and in safe hands.

“Go for it, you have nothing to lose. Don’t live with regrets and what ifs”

When it comes to marketing your business, what works best for you?

Facebook and Instagram are fast becoming the only form of advertising and marketing you need.

When I started out it was just adverts in magazines but as social media has taken off you now have access to millions of people and potential customers without often having to pay a penny for it.


What has been the hardest part of running a business and doing what you do?

The hardest part is switching off.

You get so carried away in doing all aspects of the business and trying to build it up that you never stop.

My business is constantly running in my thoughts and new ideas whirling around.

Yes, being self employed means I can take a few hours off in the day if I want to go and do something else but you will usually find me working from 6am until often 9pm and weekends too!

I once added up I do a 60-70 hour week most weeks. Hence why I need to probably start outsourcing more things!


Who is your favourite equestrian of all time?

when I was growing up it was Virginia Leng, I went to a talk she did and was totally inspired. For ages I wanted to get into Eventing but it wasn’t meant to be and if I am honest I probably wouldn’t have had the nerve.

What Inspires you most?

This is a difficult one to answer as I guess I actually inspire myself, I look at what I can do to improve all the time.

I am not a competitive person against other people but am against myself.

In a competition I wouldn’t really care where I came as long as I had done better than the time before.

People that do inspire me are those that have overcome adversity, whether it was disabilities, poverty to richness through sheer hard work that kind of thing



Where can we find out more about your work or follow you?


And now the important QUICK FIRE questions!

  1. Skull cap or velvet?scull, more for safety
  2. Dogs or cats?  dogs, have 2 Osker (Border Terrier) Meg (Jack Russell cross) but had cats growing up.
  3. Tea or wine? tea – I drink gallons of the stuff, well I say I drink it, lots gets made in the day but mostly you will find half drunk ones lying about as I was too busy to finish it!!! Wine I can actually take it or leave it
  4. Rich tea or digestives? Rich tea, you can’t dunk digestives as well as rich tea
  5. Facebook or instagram? Facebook

I hope you have enjoyed reading all about Alison and Tail End Jewellery.  If you have please leave a comment below, share the love and click share, or visit her site and follow her on social media.

As Alison mentioned I help her with writing and sending regular emails to clients and those on her list.   

“Having Jenni look after my emails has been a godsend and is one less thing to stress over. I can forget all about them knowing it is done and in safe hands”

Alison Dadley-Webb - Tail End Jewellery

Sending emails is one of the most important things you can do for you business because it keeps you in people’s minds, nurtures, serves and shows you care, but also can increase regular sales and bookings.  


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