3 Tips for Avoiding Social Media & Getting more Exposure!

Yet Still post consistently & Build your business online

Do you find that social media is so overwhelming.


Trying to be everywhere at once, posting to facebook, email, linked in, blogging, instagram and more….

Its too much isnt it?

Here are my 3 key tips to help you:

1 – Focus on one Platform, whichever you find gets you more return  your efforts.  That is where you will creating one fresh piece of content each week for your business. (rather than 7 x 4!) . For me it is these lives that I deliver each week in my group.  


2. Repurpose it!  Then work out how you can repurpose for your email, for your blog, for you facebook page, for you instagram etc…..  Making a few fresh tweaks for each week


3. Plan System and Work Flow – How are you going to work through it all and get your rhythm into you social media & content planning.