How to The Equine Business Assistant's Content Calendar

To Streamline and simplify your social media, email marketing and blog writing! To save you time and help you make more money!

As a new business owner I was totally overwhelmed by content creation.

I knew it was something I needed to do to market my business online, but there was just so much to do!

I soon fell into the trap of trying to create  new piece of content for every platform!  Boy that was tough until I found my secret weapon!

My content calendar.  This has really changed the content game for me. 

I am now more focussed. I get better engagement on my posts and my audience whilst modest is a group of genuine followers


I use the digital version, (mainly because the first print run sold out!!! I have more in stock now, but as I started this way I will stick with it) .

  1. I just print the pages our month by month and stick each page into my notebook.
  2. I then sit down to write and plan my ideas in the printed pages.  I prefer to think on paper, I also note in the dates when I want to post them and can move them about a bit if need to (post its can be useful here)
  3. Once I feel I know what I need to post about, blog, email, social media etc. I head to the computer and start to write and prepare my copy (the words I will use)
  4.  I type my copy into notes on my mac, then I can copy and paste when I am ready to post from my phone and mac.  I also sometimes add the images to the note so I know what to share.
  5. I then head over to Canva and create the images for the posts I have written.
  6. I can then go in day by day and copy the content to post where I need to or I can sit down and schedule. (I schedule with Loomly I have tried a few schedulers, this one is my favourite.  **please note this is an affiliate link so it doesn’t cost you if you click but loomly may give me a discount off my my packages)
  7. This gives me a quick look system on the desk, and a digital one for posting.

I prefer thinking on paper so I love it as a book, also any Ideas I get I just pop in the pages of book so they are all kept together then I don’t have to remember and when the time comes to plan all my ideas are in one place.

I hope this helps, do you think that could work for you?


So want to see it in action?

Here is  quick video of how I am using the calendar: